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Fibro witch press clippings

Articles where I am the subject of an article in the local news:

tobin bridge toll evaders face a hefty fine.

cash for the memories. When I had to start selling some of my dolls in order to pay medical bills.

Articles I wrote for publication:
protect your dog for the holidays

Posted in the Boston Globe Magazine -- The Globe has a column in the magazine for people to share funny things that have happened to them. Here are the times I managed to have something funny happen to me!

Tales of the City -

He can tell Wally what to do

Kelly Roast Beef

CVS brings the funny


They quoted me on this:




Recently I wrote a letter to the Boston Globes etiquette columnist. hair abuse


Happy Birthday!
Thanks, I had a quiet day, and it's just how I wanted it to be
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

Memory Joggers