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Dad is back in the hospital

The best laid plans of Jan's and Jan's

Well Dad is back in the hospital. Just called Tom to let him know I could not take him to his dentist appointment today. He offered to cancel the appointment and go out to Hopkinton with me, because he knows that some times my mother stresses me out.

It was sweet to offer and I told him so. But turned down his offer, because it did not feel right to drag him along.


I hope your dad gets better soon. :)
They have him on oxygen and his blood pressure while low is better than it was this morning. He will most likely stay the night, provided they can find him a bed. The hospital is currently full!
Good luck honey!
Thanks, just sitting here watching him try to sleep. Every few minutes he opens his eyes and looks to see that we are still here.

are you feeling ok to drive after your fall earlier? My thoughts are with you!
Thing is not driving out was not an option. I took a deep breath, wished myself well and here I am. Got a bit of a bruise but other wise okay.

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